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Silk: stories

“What Grace Dane Mazur means to suggest, here and elsewhere in the stories of Silk, is that connections between people have a life of their own, doggedly pursuing their own mysterious trajectory. ”

–– ANGELINE GOUREAU, New York Times Sunday Book Review. Author of Reconstructing Aphra: A Social Biography of Aphra Behn and The Whole Duty of a Woman: Female Writers in Seventeenth-Century England. For complete NYT review, see "Reviews"

“Mazur’s stories are blindingly smart and very pleasingly perverse. Their subjects, often international in setting and unconventional…range from that of an old woman on her way to a rendezvous with the infinite in the Paris catacombs, to the complexities of a romantic and mindful affair carried on between a brother and his sister…from Eastern Asia to Cambridge, these silky and sexy stories love the world they describe, and they have enough intelligence and intensity to melt snow.”

–– CHARLES BAXTER, author of The Feast of Love

“Pure delight! Caught in its web, Silk will hold you captive to a feast you’d wish never ended. These stories are at once sensual, heartwarming, entertaining, and wise…”

–– STRATIS HAVIARAS, author of When the Tree Sings)